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CC MasterPlumbersaTas 0081The Master Plumbers' Association of Tasmania (MPAT) has approved this Code of Conduct as a means of encouraging the highest standards of business conduct from its member organisations. It is issued so that the Association and its members may strive together to improve the Plumbing Industry and develop those personal and business attributes which are the basis of all good trading relations. In all matters relating to the interpretation of this Code a member shall recognise the authority of the Association and its Constitution.

A member shall protect the health and well-being of the community, as it is impacted by the sectors of the Plumbing Industry, to the best of the member’s ability.

  • A member shall observe the highest standard of honesty in all transactions and shall avoid all use of false titles, ambiguous statements and misleading claims.
  • A member shall endeavour to create friendly co-operation with fellow members and assist whenever possible. A member shall not, without reasonable cause, criticise another member's account or workmanship.
  • A member shall not cancel a contract undertaken in good faith without good and sufficient cause and only then after having endeavoured to obtain the mutual consent of the parties concerned.
  • A member shall carefully avoid the enticement of labour from another member especially by the offering of higher wages, bonuses, or better conditions.
  • A member shall follow the best practices of the trade, to provide efficient service and to comply with all applicable provisions of the Trade Practices Act and any other applicable legislation whether State or Federal.
  • A member shall endeavour to protect the public and the Plumbing Industry from unlicensed and unskilled persons.
  • A member shall not knowingly sign any relevant documents as a licensed practitioner on behalf of an unlicensed person, to enable that person to carry out work in the Plumbing Industry.
  • A member shall endeavour to employ and train apprentices where practicable.
  • A member shall not knowingly pay or provide a secret commission, discount or rebate in order to gain advantage over another member.
  • A member shall at all times work to preserve harmonious employer-employee relationships both within its own business and throughout the Plumbing Industry.
  • A member shall engage, where practicable, in ongoing personal or professional skill development to maintain industry currency.
  • A member shall not take action with a view to upsetting a contract entered into between a fellow member and his client.


Any dispute between members arising from this Code may be referred to the MPAT for settlement.

Our Associate Members and Industry Partners

Our Associate Members and Industry Partners play an integral role in the support and development of the plumbing industry throughout Tasmania.

Whether it is their products and tools for domestic or commercial use, new technology or business services our Partners help us ensure that our Master Plumbers are up to date and skilled in the latest advances in the plumbing industry.



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